Brain Injuries

Sustaining a brain injury can be devastating and lead to long-term issues that may never fully resolve.  When you or loved one is involved in an accident that results in a brain injury, it is important not to simply retain the first law firm presented to you or that you have heard about in the media.  What you need is someone with the experience and compassion necessary to handle a claim, but who will also achieve the best results.  You and your loved ones deserve the best in legal representation.  Do not leave this up to just any lawyer.

Brain injuries can be devastating not only to the party injured but to family members as well. The changes can put immense stress on a family as it is the family that usually bears the most responsibility to care for the injured person.  It is not uncommon for family members to seek medical treatment or take time off from work to be with the injured party.  This means that family members may be entitled to claim certain benefits while caring for the brain-injured person.  As well, family members may also have a cause of action against the negligent party who caused the injury.

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