Our Response to Covid-19

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How will COVID-19 pandemic impact your long-term disability claim?

If you are one of the unfortunate people to contract the virus and you have been hospitalized, you may already know that the impact of the novel coronavirus.  However, the long term implications of the disease are not yet fully known and there is the potential it could have long term implications to your health.   

If you have applied for and received long term disability benefits after contracting the disease, your insurer may eventually decide that your recovery from the disease will mean that you can return to work.  Of course, there is growing evidence that the virus has a much more significant impact on your health long term.
Preliminary research appears to indicate that the COVID-19 is dangerous because it can impact lung tissue and clog airways.  Essentially, this will limit the ability of the body to obtain oxygen.  Of course, the severity of the disease will likely impact each person differently.    Limited evidence suggests that the disease can lead to scarring in the lumbers and, therefore, lung capacity, which may result in shortness of breath. In addition, there is evidence to suggest that lung damage can be caused by ventilators themselves.