Personal injury law can be extremely complex and confusing.  The key, when searching for a personal injury lawyer, is to find one that is plain spoken and will provide you with a straight forward review of your claim.  During my career, I have been contacted by many potential personal injury clients who have representation but are not happy with their lawyer.  The common theme with many of these clients is that they are not happy with the advice that they have received from their lawyer.  This is not to say that their lawyer is not providing them with the proper advice.  In many cases, their lawyers have provided them with a proper opinion.  The problem is that the injured party was never advised of the problems facing their claim from the start or during the course of the litigation.  Furthermore, it becomes clear that the injured party was never kept apprised of devleopments in their claim or the impact these developments could have on their claim.


When I meet a client I provide them with a straight forward assessment of their claim.  I have found that this helps the client to understand the process and what could happen dowqn the road.