About Me


Tullio D'Angela

Graduate of York University 1995
Graduate of University of Western Ontario – Faculty of Law 1998
Call to the Bar 2000

Member of:

  • Law Society of Ontario
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • The Advocates Society

Tullio has been practicing exclusively in the area of personal injury since 2000.  He started off his career in the insurance defense field and practiced on the defense side until 2008 when he moved over to represent those who were injured in accidents. Tullio believes passionately in helping those who have been injured.


Tullio is known to be straightforward and forthright with his clients.  His “tell it like it is” attitude ensures that his clients are well informed of their rights and what they can expect following an injury due to an accident.  As well, Tullio has a reputation of being a passionate advocate for his clients and one who will stand up to insurance companies who have wrongly denied benefits or compensation to those who have been injured in accidents.  As a result, Tullio has earned the respect of his clients and lawyers in the community at large.

Not all personal injury lawyers have trial experience and, in some cases, will have other lawyers conduct trials on behalf of clients.  What sets Tullio apart from other personal injury lawyers is his trial experience.  He has experience in conducting non-jury and jury trials.  This experience allows Tullio to take the appropriate steps to advance a client’s claim given that he is well aware of what to expect at trial.  This experience is vital when handling a personal injury claim.