What To Do After Suffering A Brain Injury In An Accident

Brain damage occurs when a person’s brain is injured due to traumatic injury, such as a fall or car accident. Unfortunately, the brain does not fully mend or recover the way other injuries do in the body. Recovery and return to function can depend on the cause of the injury and the person’s symptoms.

Traumatic injuries can result in a closed head injury (a blow that causes injury and swelling), concussion (an injury causing impairment to brain function) or a contusion (a bruise or bleed to the brain).

Symptoms of a brain injury may include balance issues, blurred vision, confusion, memory problems, headaches, difficulty speaking, seizures, and possible personality changes. Of course, the severity of the brain injury is will determine the extent of the symptoms.

Brain injuries can take time to recover and some people never fully return to normal. Therefore, once a diagnosis is made, it is imperative that treatment be obtained in a timely manner to maximize recovery.

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