Real-Life Slip-And-Fall Story: What do you do?

I recently received a telephone call from a former client who called me about her recent accident.  She had been in a slip and fall accident earlier and suffered personal injuries.  Nothing seemed broken when she called, but she was in excruciating pain.  She was unable to move her arm and her shoulder was throbbing.  She wasn’t sure what to do.  The following were some simple steps I advised her to take to assist her.

The first thing I told the client was that she needed to immediately contact her doctor and schedule an appointment.  If the pain was too much, I told her to go to the hospital.  The first priority after any accident is to make sure that you schedule a medical appointment to rule out anything serious like a fracture.

She advised me that the area where she fell looked wet but was, in fact, black ice.  She didn’t see any salt on the ground at the time. I then advised her to take photographs of the exact area where she fell as soon as possible. The reason for this is that the closer to the time of the accident the photos are taken will be representative of the area at the time of the fall. Any delay could result in the conditions of the area changing.  Examples include rising temperatures causing ice to melt, material change in the area due to further inclement weather, or salt being laid on the ground.

I also recommend that photographs be taken of the footwear being used at the time of the accident.  This is always going to be a question asked by the insurance company for the at-fault party. I suggested photos be taken of the boots from the top and also to take a close-up shot of the soles of the footwear.  This will provide all parties with an idea of the condition of the footwear at the time.

Finally, I advised her to make sure she kept the names of any witnesses to the fall and their contact information. Independent witnesses are critical in a personal injury claim.  Such witnesses can be the difference between establishing liability against the defendant or a court finding you responsible for the accident.

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