For the love of God, do not speak to the other side's insurance adjuster

I received a call from a person who was injured in an accident. 

She reported the accident and she thought nothing of speaking with the at-fault party’s insurance adjuster and giving a statement. 

While giving the statement, she provided not one but three locations where the accident occurred. When she came to me, the insurer had advised her that she could not prove where she fell and it would not be paying her any damages for injuries she sustained.

Here is the reality. 

You do not have to speak with the at-fault party’s insurer and you are under no obligation to do so, despite what they may say. 

Had this individual contacted me following the accident, I would have advised her to report the accident and, if asked to give a statement, to refuse as she was going to consult a lawyer. 

I would then have asked the client to immediately take photographs of the area (if the contact was initiated shortly after the accident) to ensure that she was clear as to the location of the accident and the condition then and there prevailing. 

Finally, I would have met with the client to ensure that she was clear as to the location and to make sure that the location was in fact where the incident happened.

Too often, people simply do not take the time to consider whether or not they have any rights following an accident. 

I always make sure to advise potential clients that initial consultation is always free.  Make sure that you do not fall into the same trap following an accident. 

Know your rights and make sure you contact my law firm to assist you.

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